Tough Girl FRIDAY! [Week 3]


My Friday activities didn’t exactly pan out as expected, but that’s okay. That’s what “tomorrow’s” are for!

I would also like to say that I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! It has been super cold and windy here in Las Cruces, so getting to stay snuggled up in my warm blankets for as long as I want sounds amazing.

But anyways, I digress….here is what my Friday looked like!



Nothing too exciting going on here. Friday Chemistry lab means no food on the go, so I heated up my usual Special K Breakfast Sandwich.

I’m not a morning person, so any meal that requires any length of preparation this early is a no-go for me. These take 2 minutes to heat up and zero amount of effort, which is why it is one of my regular meals.

Monday Breakfast


Much to my great pleasure, I got out of Chem lab early today! I should have stayed late with the instructor to work on some problems….but decided that getting my pay check sounded like a much more exciting way to spend my extra time.

After getting my moola and chatting it up with my all-time favorite co-worker about what terrible dancers we both are, I headed home to heat up left-overs from last nights Cheesy Chicken Skillet.

I really think next time I’m going to bake my chicken, it just isn’t as good over the stove-top. I also think I’m going to completely cut salt out of this recipe because that was all I could taste. I only ate half of my chicken, but am super proud of how great the asparagus turned out! I’m notorious for over-steaming my asparagus, but this time it was right on the money.



After finishing my lunch, I headed back to campus for the ever dreaded Genetics lecture. We are finally getting out of the molecular aspects though, and touching on topics I’m actually interested in so it wasn’t bad. I didn’t leave hating my life.

After lecture, I went to do some work for my GIS class (GIS stands for Geographic Information System…..which basically means to manipulate and analyze data to generate detailed maps….Google Maps is created using GIS systems).

Anyways, the current project I’m working on is super long and complicated, so I was in lab for three hours before calling it quits to head home. After spending that much time in front of the computer working with and tweaking data, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Fortunately, I didn’t have to!

I came home to a nearly finished meal cooked by my best friend, Deja. She made Stuffed Pasta Shells, but instead of using marinara added enchilada sauce and salsa. It was super yummy! I may try and find a healthier version of this to add to my regular recipe list!

And just so everyone knows, we used saucers and not full sized plates to eat on….so this isn’t a ginormous helping of pasta-stuffed joy. I had 5 shells, which filled me up. Even after several hours I felt full. So thanks Deja!



My normal plan for getting Friday’s workout in is to go right after class, which ends around 1:30 p.m. Because of my GIS project eating up my entire afternoon though, that didn’t happen.

I decided to give myself a nice lazy evening at home in my pjs. It’s freezing outside, so I’m going to be a hermit and binge watch Friends on Netflix all night.

I was supposed to go hiking in the morning, but it is going to be 30 degrees outside and windy so “F” that. I’m going to sleep in, then head to the gym in the afternoon where I will get a good cardio workout in followed by the resistance training session I had originally planned to complete today.

So this is my Friday. Kind of slacking a bit with the workouts, but I have full intentions of making up that deficit tomorrow!

Is anyone else hating this stupid cold front we’re experiencing here in New Mexico?? I get that its much much colder other places, but four days ago it was literally almost 80 degrees.

I live in New Mexico for a reason, and that reason is SUNSHINE AND WARMTH.

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Fat Blast THURSDAY! [Week 3]

So just for future reference, my blog posts will likely always be a day behind….but anyways, this was my Thursday:

Today I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm, and my bed was just so cozy that I seriously considered playing hooky and being a lazy bum all day.

But then I remembered that this is my last semester in college and that in order to do well, I need to ACTUALLY attend my classes. So when my alarm went off, and I hit snooze the appropriate amount of times (that’s like 10 times in my book) I got out of bed to get ready for my day.

I had a full agenda, but still managed to stick with my goals to eat pretty good and get my Fat Blast Thursday cardio routine in! Here is what my day consisted of:



I was in a hurry this morning making sure I made it to my Plants lab on time, so I threw a Special K Breakfast Sandwich in the microwave before heading out the door.

Monday Breakfast


There were plenty of leftovers from last night’s ravioli dinner, so I threw it in my to-go Tupperware and had an easy lunch!

I missed having blueberries this morning, so I thought they’d be a nice little addition as well (especially since I forgot to pick up another apple to have as my mid-afternoon snack).

Thursday Lunch


So for tonight’s dinner, I decided to make Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet. I love chicken and I love cheese, put them together and you can’t go wrong!

I’ve never made this meal before, so it was a bit of trial and error for me. I had most ingredients on hand, but had to stop by the store to pick up the chicken breast, lemon juice, chicken broth, and asparagus as my side dish.

I am used to baking my chicken, and in the future that is the method I think I will stick with. It takes a little bit longer, but the chicken always comes out so much juicier and flavorful. I also think I used a bit too much salt this time, but hey like I said…trial and error.

I planned on including a few croissants, but I got so pre-occupied trying to get the sauce right that I completely forgot about them in the oven. Nobody likes burnt croissants! It was so sad. So instead, I buttered up a couple pieces of bread. Nom nom nom!

Over-all, it was really yummy. I definitely plan to make this again in the future with a few personal modifications.

These are the ingredients I used, and what the end result looked like:

Thursday Dinner 1

Thursday Dinner 2

And here is the recipe!

Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet

>>> Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet <<<



I really hate cardio, but I made it to the gym and used another Octane Fitness machine. It was kinda similar to the lateral machine I used yesterday…sort of. I think it was really liberal with the distance measurements, I kept a fast stride the entire time but I really don’t trust it in telling me I did almost 4 miles. I’m pretty bad at cardio at this point, so it just seems a little far fetched.

I didn’t complete a full 30 minutes though because I started feeling like I was going to pass out and/or throw up (so maybe I did almost run 4 miles).

Here are my stats:


I’ve been listening to Fallout Boy a lot while running, which actually gets me pretty pumped. I would like to switch things up a bit though, so if you have any good running music suggestions let me know!!!

So, I don’t think I qualify just yet as having a “Bubble Butt” but it is definitely progress! I also really love how long my hair is getting! It feels like its taking forever, but inch by inch its making its way down my back!


So this was my Thursday. Let me know if you try the recipe I used for the cheesy skillet dinner! I have some modifications in mind that I think will make this even tastier, so I’ll be able to update in the future to let you guys know how it turns out!

Please, like this page and follow my blog for even more yummy recipes and detailed workout plans. I know in my last few posts I haven’t been very descriptive, but I was testing out a new format. I promise next week will have even more improvements!

Lean Machine WEDNESDAY! [Week 3]

This week is just flying by! Here are my Wednesday meals and workout!



I was starving when I woke up! Getting ready this morning was torture; how are you supposed to concentrate on how straight your eyeliner is when your stomach is basically eating itself?

After getting ready I had to head to Chemistry and take a stupid quiz before I could finally eat my yummy yogurt parfait.

The wait was worth it, I loved every single bite!

Thursday Breakfast


Since quinoa pizza was a bust, I didn’t have any leftovers that I was willing to eat, I grabbed a lean cuisine meal from the freezer.

It was actually very tasty!

Wednesday Lunch


After last nights depressing meal, I needed a pick-me-up. Pasta is usually my go-to for situations such as this.

I originally planned to have Alfredo ravioli, but decided to try and stick to healthier alternatives. So I made spinach and ricotta ravioli, using only olive oil and Parmesan cheese as toppings paired with some broccoli. I loved this because it literally only took, like, 5 minutes to make. I was tired after a long day so I didn’t feel like spending tons of time preparing a meal.

I had more broccoli than this, but almost forgot to take a picture. I had already started eating when I remembered.

Wednesday Dinner

I didn’t mean to have pasta for lunch AND dinner, but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Mmm, cookies….



I did my usual Wednesday gym thang, but my phone was dead so no picture.

Also, no creepy weirdos!

I did total body strength training, followed by several mat exercises and some stretching.

So this is what my Wednesday consisted of. I am in the process of working out the kinks to my blog updates, so next week should be more detailed and better organized.

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Cardio Crusher TUESDAY! [Week 3]

Here are the meals and activities I completed for this lovely (or not so lovely) Tuesday!

Seriously though….when is this winter crap supposed to be over with??



Today I stuck with my normal yogurt parfait and blueberries. No more adventures in yogurt land for me, I’m sticking to my ole’ faithful vanilla.

Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to incorporate into my parfaits because they are just so good for you! Here are some of the health benefits they provide:

  1. Boost Immune System — blueberries contain numerous components which aid in bacterial and viral infection prevention
  2. Neutralize Free Radicals — Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can enter our bodies and cause cellular damage. Blueberries contain nutrients which can neutralize these harmful effects, which in turn reduces the likelihood of cancer.
  3. Improves Memory — through scientific study, it has been established that regular consumption of blueberries can aid in reducing age-related memory loss and protect your brain from oxidative stress (which can be caused by the presence of free radicals).
  4. Improves Vision — So apparently carrots aren’t the only ocular super foods out there! There are nutrients within blueberries, including Vitamin A, which help to maintain and enhance your eyesight!
  5. Lower Cholesterol — Cholesterol is tricky, because it is an essential component in the make up of our cell membranes. When cholesterol levels become too high, however, it can clog our arteries…and that obviously isn’t good. Blueberries contain compounds which help reduce the amount of cholesterol within our systems to help prevent this from occurring. Regular consumption of blueberries has proven to be more effective in lowering cholesterol then some prescription drugs available, and better yet come with no additional side effects!
  6. Improve Heart Health — Blueberries contain fiber and antioxidants which are beneficial for heart function and health.
  7. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections — Blueberries contain compounds similar to those found in cranberries which can help prevent, and even cure, UTI’s.
  8. Support Digestion — Blueberries contain high amounts of dietary fibers and other nutrients which help support a healthy digestive system. I can personally attest to this, because since I’ve been eating these guys on a regular basis my bowel movements have become more regular and I have experienced less bloating (sorry for the TMI).
  9. Reduce Belly Fat — This is probably my favorite benefit provided by blueberries. It has been observed that after 3 + months of regular blueberry consumption, a reduction of belly fat can occur. I’m sure this depends upon the person and their habits, but I”m hoping it proves to be true with me since I am eating better and working out more.
  10. Reduce Signs of Aging — Blueberries contain anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants which promote brain health and can help to reduce its deterioration over time. This means it is able to regulate our body processes more efficiently, which helps us look younger longer!
  11. Regulating Blood Sugar — Blueberries rank low in the glycemic index, which means that individuals with diabetes can consume them on a regular basis. They are actually good for regulating blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes!

Wednesday Breakfast


I originally intended on having leftover spaghetti this afternoon, since normally I am cooking for myself and there is always so much left. But as I mentioned in Monday’s posting, I have two fatties staying with me and they ate it all!

So instead, I just had another Turkey and avocado sandwich. I love how yummy my avocado looked today!

Tuesday Lunch 2

Tuesday Lunch


I was going to make Shaksuaka tonight, but apparently no stores in this town carry the key ingredient, mina harissa (it’s apparently a Moroccan sauce blend). To make this meal, I’m gonna have to order it online.

So instead, I made the quinoa pesto pizza I had planned for tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t know, quinoa is actually a  seed that can be prepared and consumed in a similar fashion to whole grains (such as rice). It is high and protein and contains all 9 of the essential amino acids, making it a healthy substitute to many other starchy carbohydrate options available.

I’ve been wanting to try quinoa for a while now, and tonight I finally got around to it by making quinoa crust for pesto pizza. And let me just tell you, it was terrible.

The taste itself was fine, if not a little bland. The texture was strange, but tolerable. I guess it was just such a disappointment because I was expecting pizza, but that is NOT what I got. I may try this recipe again later in the future when I’m feeding just myself, and not two other individuals who would have loved nothing more then a big disgusting McDonalds burger for dinner instead of the healthy crap I’ve been forcing down their throats.

I cooked the quinoa first, which took about 15 minutes. Once fully cooked, I mixed it with the other ingredients as described in the recipe and baked it for an additional 20 minutes.

Tuesday Dinner 1

After cooking the quinoa crust, I added the toppings and baked for about 5 minutes until the cheese melted.

Tuesday Dinner 2

Tuesday Dinner 3

I ate two pieces, very begrudgingly might I add. Deja and Justin were good sports about it, but when I returned home from the gym they said they were still hungry and wanted actual food (not in those words, but I got the point).

I would have been fine with just having this, but they peer-pressured me into eating Wing Stop with them. And thats for reals, the truth. I repeatedly said no for a good 10-15 minutes before caving. I only had 4 wings and a handful of fries, with water…no soda.

Lesson for today: quinoa pizza is, basically, the worst pizza ever! But in case you want to try it yourself and see if its something you’re into, here is the recipe:

Quinoa Pizza

>>> Quinoa Pizza with Creamy Pesto <<<


There is this machine at the gym, which I have absolutely no idea what its called, that I really enjoy using because you can program it to work different parts of your legs.

I have it set to the highest setting because I really feel it in my butt…and as the title of this page might suggest, I really want a bubble butt.

Here are my stats:

Tuesday gym

Bubble Butt MONDAY! [Week 3]

So I decided to take a different approach to my blog updates.

I originally planned to post once a week with recipes and workouts over a seven day period, but that was making for some extremely long reads!

Because of this, I decided to try and making daily updates instead and see how I like it.

So, here is my progress for Monday of Week 3!



I originally planned on having my normal yogurt parfait with Greek non-fat vanilla yogurt. When shopping at the store I spotted a new yogurt that was infused with green tea and thought I’d switch things up a bit and give it a try.

I regret that decision.

This yogurt was NASTY! I made the parfait in a hurry before heading to class, so by the time I got around to trying it I was stuck incorporating Calculus rationale into chemistry lecture. So when I took my first bite, only to be met with more disappointment and despair, I was super pissy.

So no breakfast for me today. I threw that *%#@ out!

Monday Breakfast

Seriously….so gross.


For lunch I decided to throw together my regular turkey sandwich with avocado spread, deli sliced turkey, pepper jack cheese, spinach, and green bell pepper. I paired it with an Ambrosia apple, which I enjoy eating because they are so soft.

Monday Lunch


I am a huge fan of spaghetti, especially now that I’ve discovered all the rich flavors that can be added by throwing in some veggies!

I normally have so much leftover, which works out for throwing together quick meals after the fact. When preparing this meal, I forgot to take into account that my fiance and best friend are both staying with me this week, so there was hardly any left by the end of the night. I hope that means they liked it!

I had a hard time finding a decent red pepper at the store, they were all so bruised and sad looking. Winter ruins everything!!! Fortunately, after some serious digging I found one that looked to be in decent shape. I also chopped up some green onion, spinach, and mushrooms to add to the sauce.

This is one of my all-time favorite meals.

Monday Dinner 1

Monday Dinner 2


>>> Spaghetti with Turkey Marinara <<<


I made it to the gym later than usual. I normally try to go right after I get off work, but I was starving by this point. After dinner, and making a quick run to the store to buy some new shoes (thanks babe!), I made my way to the gym.

Normally, the guys in there leave me alone to do my thing. Lately though, there have been these weirdos at the bench next to me who have been distracting me.

Today, some guy walked over and asked how much longer I’d be using my 20 lbs. free weight. I felt bad, so told him he could use it. He grabbed it and walked off, so I went to go check out the weight wrack to see what else was available that I could use to do my leg exercises with.

And wouldn’t you know it, there were four other 20 lbs. free weights available. So why he needed MY weight, I’ll never know. But it was annoying, so I needed to rant about it.

Anyways, here’s me at the gym. It’s kinda blurry, I was in a hurry because my phone was about to die:

Monday gym

So this is my Monday, in a nutshell! Let me know what you think of the spaghetti….I’m pretty proud of it.

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Week 3: Establish Your Goals

Hey guys!

Here we are at the beginning of Week 3!

It’s a new day, and a new chance to get out of that rut you’ve found yourself in and get motivated to being more conscious of the choices you are making in regards to the food you eat and the activities you do to remain active.

My goals for this week are to find quick and easy meals that are still healthy. I would also like to pick up the cardio workouts I’m doing. I consider myself to be a fat skinny person, and I want to change that!

So let’s get started!!

My blogs will include links to all recipes and planning tools I use, so that you can download and use on your journey to a fitter lifestyle. They will look something like this: >>> link <<<

Meal Plan:

So here is what I plan for my week to look like as far as meals go:

week 3 >>> Blank Meal Plan <<<

Workout Plan:

These are the activities I have planned for this week:

Week 3 Plan >>> Blank Workout Plan <<<


Last week, I missed half my workouts and didn’t stick with the meal schedule. As a result, I gained 1 lb.

This just shows that you have to work every single day if you want to see true and lasting results. So my goal this week is to lose 2 lbs. to make up for last weeks slacking, which means I need to kick it into overdrive!!! Wish me luck!

The purpose of this blog is for me is to track my journey as I attempt to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. Along this journey, I hope to inspire others and help make their (your) process a little easier, which is why I include links to all my recipes and workout calendars for you to download and incorporate into your routine as well.

I think it is important to keep track of all your activities so you have a clear plan laid out and to help you keep track of what areas you need the most improvement.

I went out and bought a little binder to keep track of all my weekly activities. I have enough room for 16 weeks, which is 4 months. This is what my binder looks like:

Binder 1

Binder 2

In addition to this binder, I have my workout calendar which I take with me to the gym to make sure I don’t forget to do anything. I write in this calendar, so I created this binder because I think my writing is sloppy. This way, I have nice, pretty, and clean documents to track my progress.

Each week, I can look back at the one previous to see what progress I have made and make adjustments to any activities or meals to ensure I continue to see progress.

I encourage you to use these documents and see if they help you stay on track. I upload them as Word documents, so you can make changes to them in a way that works best for you.

Please comment and let me know if these tools have proved useful for you, or leave any recommendations you might have for me as well.

See you at the end of the week to see what progress I’ve made!

Week 2: Check-In

So here we are, the end of Week 2! This week was a complete failure. I had a bit of a crisis on Thursday, which prevented me from documenting the end portion of my meals and workouts. I will explain further later in this posting:

I changed the format on some of my printables, I think they look nicer and make more sense. Let me know what you think!

My blogs will include links to all recipes and planning tools I use, so that you can download and use on your journey to a fitter lifestyle. They will look something like this: >>> link <<<

Weekly Meals:



My apartment was freezing when I woke up this morning, which put me in the mood for something warm for breakfast. I switched up my normal routine and decided to heat up a Special K Breakfast Sandwich instead of having my normal yogurt parfait.

Nom nom nom…

Monday Breakfast


For lunch, I made a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese, bell pepper, and avocado spread. I love the extra crunch the bell pepper adds!

Monday Lunch


For dinner, I FINALLY made the Cajun chicken pasta recipe I was supposed to try last week. I’ve never made it before, but it turned out really well! I kind of missed having Alfredo sauce, but the yogurt is a much healthier substitute.

These pictures show all of the ingredients except for the chicken. I forgot to set it out of the freezer before leaving for class, so it had to defrost. I used one chicken breast.

Monday Dinner 1

Monday Dinner 2

Here is the recipe I used:

Cajun Chicken Pasta

>>> Cajun Chicken Pasta <<<



I was going to make a yogurt parfait with blueberries this morning to take with me to work, but I had a little emergency. I had to take my cat in to the vet this morning, which disrupted my whole routine. Poor little guy is getting old, and falling apart!

As a result of this, I was late for work and in a rush so I just grabbed another Special K Breakfast Sandwich, heated it, and scarfed it down before heading out the door.


After having such a hectic morning, I’m glad I packed my lunch with leftover pasta the night before. I paired it with an orange, since I forgot to go to the store and get an apple.

Tuesday Lunch


This week is just a crazy week for me. I have been studying for 3 exams, have been meaning to clean my apartment, and now my cat is having old man problems and can’t control his bodily functions so he is making a mess every where.

Through all of this, I’m finding it very hard to prepare meals every night when I have so much else to do. It has been a real struggle, but I am doing my best to stick with my weekly goals.

I needed to make something quick so I could spend some time studying, so decided to go with a Brown Rice, Veggie, and Egg bowl. I love white rice, but am trying to go with the healthier brown rice. I also tried to use as little soy sauce as possible, so it wasn’t my favorite meal ever but it wasn’t bad either. Give it a try and see if it’s something you like.

Tuesday Dinner 1

Tuesday Dinner 2

Tuesday Dinner 3

Here is the recipe I used:

Rice, Veggie, & Egg bowl

>>> Rice, Veggie, and Egg Bowl <<<



This morning I had my typical yogurt parfait.

Wednesday Breakfast


With yesterday being such a crazy day with having to take my cat to the vet and monitor his behavior all while trying to study for a genetics exam, I just didn’t have a chance to make it to the grocery store. Besides, Walmart and Albertson’s both typically put me in a pretty crabby mood, and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with that.

That has created a problem, as I am all out of ingredients for lunch. I had turkey meat and cheese, but no avocado or mayo and I am NOT about to eat a dry sandwich. Ew! So for lunch, my options were pretty limited to whatever I could find here on campus.

Fortunately there is a Subway located in the Education building, so I ran by there and and got a turkey sub with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, spinach, bell pepper, and ranch.

Wednesday Lunch


I have mixed feelings about tonight’s meal: guilt, because it was extremely unhealthy and insurmountable joy, because it was SO GOOD!

I have a huge genetics exam coming up, and spent the entire evening studying for that. I didn’t have time to make anything, so instead called in an order to Wing Stop. There are better options I could have gone with…but it has been a really rough, hectic, crazy, roller coaster week.

I always get the boneless wing combo with Louisiana Rub. I SWEAR I only ordered the 6-wing combo, but this is what they gave me:

Wednesday Dinner

There were like, 20 pieces this time. It isn’t the first time Wing Stop has given me WAY more then I ordered (and paid) for. This development has lead me to believe that on the phone I must sound morbidly obese and perpetually hungry.

Today sucked as far as sticking with my meal goals. But before you judge me, come take my course load coupled with having to work. College is ruining my life 😦


This week didn’t work out as planned. My cat started having pretty severe health problems so I was pre-occupied with him and didn’t keep track of today’s meals 😦


I was left little choice but to make the difficult decision to put my kitty down today. He was developing blood clots due to hyperthyroidism that were resulting in mini strokes.

Rather than force him to continuously be uncomfortable and in pain, my mom drove down to pick him up and take him home where he would be euthanized. I wanted it to be done in my home town so we could bury him in our backyard alongside our other family pets.

Because of this, I didn’t track any of my meals today. So instead, here are a few pictures of my baby:





Didn’t track 😦


Didn’t track 😦

Weekly Workouts:

Here is the link to the workout printable I am now using, which will be shown for each day signifying which activities I have planned and successfully completed.

>>> Blank Workout Plan <<<

The strike-throughs you see below signify activities that I had planned, but did not complete.


I really need to get my act together and start getting up to complete my cardio workouts! It’s just so hard when its cold and my bed is so snuggly and warm!

I did eventually get up, and made it to the gym later in the evening after work and class.

Here is what my Monday workout looked like:

Monday log Free Weights:

Monday Workout 1

Mat Exercises:

Monday Workout 2

Time for a selfie:

Monday Workout 3



After taking my cat to the vet, I was given 2 new medications to give him in addition to the 1 I was already giving him for thyroid issues he’s been having. I was instructed to watch him for a few days to make sure he doesn’t start having adverse reactions to the meds, and as a result I went straight home after work and class.

I didn’t get a cardio workout in, but did clean the house which worked up a sweat. So that’s something.

Here is what today was SUPPOSED to look like.

Tuesday log


I spent 5 hours studying for a genetics exam, which I still think I might have failed. So I didn’t make it to the gym this evening 😦

What today was was supposed to look like:

Wednesday log


My kitty took a turn for the worst, and with the advice from two different veterinarian’s I decided that it was time to let him go. This was my last night with my kitty, so I spent the evening snuggling with him and studying.

What I was supposed to do today:

Thursday log


Not only did I have to say goodbye to my baby, Mickey, but I woke up feeling extremely dizzy and sick to my stomach. I had to have my fiance drive me to class because I didn’t feel safe behind the wheel. I also didn’t feel safe lifting heavy objects, so no workout again today 😦 😦

Supposed to, but didn’t:

Friday log


I woke up feeling better this morning, so I decided to join one of my good friends and go hiking!

There are several trails through the Organ Mountains located just outside of Las Cruces. Today, we went up Achenbach Canyone. We hiked a little over 4 miles during our up-and-back journey, which only took a few hours. I’m not sure exactly what the elevation gain was for this hike, but it was a ton of fun despite that infamous New Mexico springtime wind.

Here is the agenda for today. Yay, no strike-throughs!

Saturday log

About halfway up:

Saturday Workout 4

Towards the top of our hike we found a nice little cliff that over-looks the valley.

Saturday Workout 2

At the very top, there was this random configuration of rocks that we decided to rest and snack for a bit before making our return journey. You can see a couple of the hikers making their way towards the formation for scale.

Saturday Workout 3

Obligatory selfie at the top! Renee, myself, and Holly 🙂

Saturday Workout 1


Rest Day.


I didn’t see the results I wanted this week, but I also only completed half of my anticipated meals and workouts. Shame shame!

Here are my measurements for the end of week 2:

Week 2


This week was a disappointment. Losing my cat, who I’ve had for half my life, really disrupted my routine.

My goal for week 3 is to stick with all meals and workouts to hopefully work my way down to 137 lbs. and start seeing some measurement reduction (especially around my thighs and belly!)

Please like this post and follow my blog to receive helpful tips and recipes for your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

And PLEASE leave comments to let me know what you think or what suggestions you may have!