Starting the journey….


This is me. Your average Caucasian American female. Like most women I know (who am I kidding….every woman I have ever met) I am constantly struggling with my love for the deliciousness that is unhealthy food and my desire to have the “perfect body.” I think it is also safe to assume that my “ideal body” is probably completely unrealistic, and probably means hours upon hours of boring workouts coupled with eating foods similar to that of a cow (all greens and no fun!) 

After years of this back-and-fourth battle between brownies and abs, I have decided to try and add some accountability to my actions. A blog seemed like the perfect way to do this. My hope is to establish a weekly schedule of both exercise and meal plans, with a check-in to ensure I’m sticking to my goals. It is much easier to rationalize slacking off in my head at 4:30 in the morning when I don’t want to wake up to go running, then it would be to explain and live with my failure to any followers I might obtain (if I get any followers, that is).

So here is what I plan for my blog to include:

  • Daily Meal Plan
  • Daily Exercise Plan
  • Weekly Check-In of goals achieved/failed
  • Weekly Update on weight and body measurements

So that’s the plan! I invite anyone interested in achieving a healthier, fitter, and happier lifestyle to join me on this journey. Let’s get accountable together!


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