Week 1: Meal Plan and Workout Plan

Hey hey hey! Welcome to Week 1 of my fitness journey!

My plan for this is blog is every Sunday, post my goals for the following 7 days. On the 7th day (next Sunday), I will upload my check-in as well as the following weeks goals. Included in each check-in will be pictures and recipe links, just in case you want to try any of these meals yourselves!

I am deviating from that plan this week (I hope this isn’t any indication on how future posts will go) because it is my birthday on Sunday, and I will be traveling. I’m not sure if I will have time to post, so I wanted to go ahead and upload it before-hand. (Week 1 doesn’t actually start until Feb, 8).

As an aside, I am a full time college student in my last semester, so if I am ever unable to stick to this time frame I apologize in advance. I will do my very best to make sure I stay on top of everything. So let’s get started!!

My blogs will include links to all recipes and planning tools I use, so that you can download and use on your journey to a fitter lifestyle. They will look something like this: >>> link <<<

Weekly Meal Plan:

Here is a brief look into my weekly menu. I will include photos and recipe links to all these meals when I submit my check-in post:

Week 1 Meal Plan

>>> Week 1 Meal Plan <<<

Weekly Workout Plan:

Here is a brief look at the activities I plan to do this week. I will include a more detailed description for each day listed during check-in:

Week 1 Workout Plan

>>>Week 1<<<

Weekly Measurements:

I think a common mistake many people make when they try to become healthier is to gauge their progress strictly off their weight. I do not think this is an accurate or effective way to view this process.

I will not be doing that, especially since I incorporate weight training into my routine (muscle weighs more than fat). For this reason, I will be including body measurements along with weight measurements in my weekly check in. It is also important to be sure and take your measurements at the SAME TIME each day. I will take mine every Sunday morning when I first wake up, before I start stuffing my face.

This diagram shows how to accurately measure different parts on your body to monitor your progress!

How To Measure

I have also created a chart to help keep track of my progress week by week, which I am including below in case you would like to start keeping track as well!

Body Measurements Chart

>>>Body Measurements Chart<<<

So this is just a very basic look into my activities for this coming week. My goal for week 1 is to formulate a schedule that I can stick to, which will make staying active and eating healthier a LIFESTYLE and not a chore. I also hope to be able and drop 1 lb. and get one step closer to my ultimate goal of 130 lbs.

See you in seven days to see how well I do!


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