Week 3: Establish Your Goals

Hey guys!

Here we are at the beginning of Week 3!

It’s a new day, and a new chance to get out of that rut you’ve found yourself in and get motivated to being more conscious of the choices you are making in regards to the food you eat and the activities you do to remain active.

My goals for this week are to find quick and easy meals that are still healthy. I would also like to pick up the cardio workouts I’m doing. I consider myself to be a fat skinny person, and I want to change that!

So let’s get started!!

My blogs will include links to all recipes and planning tools I use, so that you can download and use on your journey to a fitter lifestyle. They will look something like this: >>> link <<<

Meal Plan:

So here is what I plan for my week to look like as far as meals go:

week 3 >>> Blank Meal Plan <<<

Workout Plan:

These are the activities I have planned for this week:

Week 3 Plan >>> Blank Workout Plan <<<


Last week, I missed half my workouts and didn’t stick with the meal schedule. As a result, I gained 1 lb.

This just shows that you have to work every single day if you want to see true and lasting results. So my goal this week is to lose 2 lbs. to make up for last weeks slacking, which means I need to kick it into overdrive!!! Wish me luck!

The purpose of this blog is for me is to track my journey as I attempt to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. Along this journey, I hope to inspire others and help make their (your) process a little easier, which is why I include links to all my recipes and workout calendars for you to download and incorporate into your routine as well.

I think it is important to keep track of all your activities so you have a clear plan laid out and to help you keep track of what areas you need the most improvement.

I went out and bought a little binder to keep track of all my weekly activities. I have enough room for 16 weeks, which is 4 months. This is what my binder looks like:

Binder 1

Binder 2

In addition to this binder, I have my workout calendar which I take with me to the gym to make sure I don’t forget to do anything. I write in this calendar, so I created this binder because I think my writing is sloppy. This way, I have nice, pretty, and clean documents to track my progress.

Each week, I can look back at the one previous to see what progress I have made and make adjustments to any activities or meals to ensure I continue to see progress.

I encourage you to use these documents and see if they help you stay on track. I upload them as Word documents, so you can make changes to them in a way that works best for you.

Please comment and let me know if these tools have proved useful for you, or leave any recommendations you might have for me as well.

See you at the end of the week to see what progress I’ve made!


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