Bubble Butt MONDAY! [Week 3]

So I decided to take a different approach to my blog updates.

I originally planned to post once a week with recipes and workouts over a seven day period, but that was making for some extremely long reads!

Because of this, I decided to try and making daily updates instead and see how I like it.

So, here is my progress for Monday of Week 3!



I originally planned on having my normal yogurt parfait with Greek non-fat vanilla yogurt. When shopping at the store I spotted a new yogurt that was infused with green tea and thought I’d switch things up a bit and give it a try.

I regret that decision.

This yogurt was NASTY! I made the parfait in a hurry before heading to class, so by the time I got around to trying it I was stuck incorporating Calculus rationale into chemistry lecture. So when I took my first bite, only to be met with more disappointment and despair, I was super pissy.

So no breakfast for me today. I threw that *%#@ out!

Monday Breakfast

Seriously….so gross.


For lunch I decided to throw together my regular turkey sandwich with avocado spread, deli sliced turkey, pepper jack cheese, spinach, and green bell pepper. I paired it with an Ambrosia apple, which I enjoy eating because they are so soft.

Monday Lunch


I am a huge fan of spaghetti, especially now that I’ve discovered all the rich flavors that can be added by throwing in some veggies!

I normally have so much leftover, which works out for throwing together quick meals after the fact. When preparing this meal, I forgot to take into account that my fiance and best friend are both staying with me this week, so there was hardly any left by the end of the night. I hope that means they liked it!

I had a hard time finding a decent red pepper at the store, they were all so bruised and sad looking. Winter ruins everything!!! Fortunately, after some serious digging I found one that looked to be in decent shape. I also chopped up some green onion, spinach, and mushrooms to add to the sauce.

This is one of my all-time favorite meals.

Monday Dinner 1

Monday Dinner 2


>>> Spaghetti with Turkey Marinara <<<


I made it to the gym later than usual. I normally try to go right after I get off work, but I was starving by this point. After dinner, and making a quick run to the store to buy some new shoes (thanks babe!), I made my way to the gym.

Normally, the guys in there leave me alone to do my thing. Lately though, there have been these weirdos at the bench next to me who have been distracting me.

Today, some guy walked over and asked how much longer I’d be using my 20 lbs. free weight. I felt bad, so told him he could use it. He grabbed it and walked off, so I went to go check out the weight wrack to see what else was available that I could use to do my leg exercises with.

And wouldn’t you know it, there were four other 20 lbs. free weights available. So why he needed MY weight, I’ll never know. But it was annoying, so I needed to rant about it.

Anyways, here’s me at the gym. It’s kinda blurry, I was in a hurry because my phone was about to die:

Monday gym

So this is my Monday, in a nutshell! Let me know what you think of the spaghetti….I’m pretty proud of it.

Please like and follow my page for daily updates on yummy (and sometimes not-so-yummy) recipes and try and new workouts to achieve that fitter and healthier lifestyle!


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