Fat Blast THURSDAY! [Week 3]

So just for future reference, my blog posts will likely always be a day behind….but anyways, this was my Thursday:

Today I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm, and my bed was just so cozy that I seriously considered playing hooky and being a lazy bum all day.

But then I remembered that this is my last semester in college and that in order to do well, I need to ACTUALLY attend my classes. So when my alarm went off, and I hit snooze the appropriate amount of times (that’s like 10 times in my book) I got out of bed to get ready for my day.

I had a full agenda, but still managed to stick with my goals to eat pretty good and get my Fat Blast Thursday cardio routine in! Here is what my day consisted of:



I was in a hurry this morning making sure I made it to my Plants lab on time, so I threw a Special K Breakfast Sandwich in the microwave before heading out the door.

Monday Breakfast


There were plenty of leftovers from last night’s ravioli dinner, so I threw it in my to-go Tupperware and had an easy lunch!

I missed having blueberries this morning, so I thought they’d be a nice little addition as well (especially since I forgot to pick up another apple to have as my mid-afternoon snack).

Thursday Lunch


So for tonight’s dinner, I decided to make Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet. I love chicken and I love cheese, put them together and you can’t go wrong!

I’ve never made this meal before, so it was a bit of trial and error for me. I had most ingredients on hand, but had to stop by the store to pick up the chicken breast, lemon juice, chicken broth, and asparagus as my side dish.

I am used to baking my chicken, and in the future that is the method I think I will stick with. It takes a little bit longer, but the chicken always comes out so much juicier and flavorful. I also think I used a bit too much salt this time, but hey like I said…trial and error.

I planned on including a few croissants, but I got so pre-occupied trying to get the sauce right that I completely forgot about them in the oven. Nobody likes burnt croissants! It was so sad. So instead, I buttered up a couple pieces of bread. Nom nom nom!

Over-all, it was really yummy. I definitely plan to make this again in the future with a few personal modifications.

These are the ingredients I used, and what the end result looked like:

Thursday Dinner 1

Thursday Dinner 2

And here is the recipe!

Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet

>>> Creamy Chicken & Herb Skillet <<<



I really hate cardio, but I made it to the gym and used another Octane Fitness machine. It was kinda similar to the lateral machine I used yesterday…sort of. I think it was really liberal with the distance measurements, I kept a fast stride the entire time but I really don’t trust it in telling me I did almost 4 miles. I’m pretty bad at cardio at this point, so it just seems a little far fetched.

I didn’t complete a full 30 minutes though because I started feeling like I was going to pass out and/or throw up (so maybe I did almost run 4 miles).

Here are my stats:


I’ve been listening to Fallout Boy a lot while running, which actually gets me pretty pumped. I would like to switch things up a bit though, so if you have any good running music suggestions let me know!!!

So, I don’t think I qualify just yet as having a “Bubble Butt” but it is definitely progress! I also really love how long my hair is getting! It feels like its taking forever, but inch by inch its making its way down my back!


So this was my Thursday. Let me know if you try the recipe I used for the cheesy skillet dinner! I have some modifications in mind that I think will make this even tastier, so I’ll be able to update in the future to let you guys know how it turns out!

Please, like this page and follow my blog for even more yummy recipes and detailed workout plans. I know in my last few posts I haven’t been very descriptive, but I was testing out a new format. I promise next week will have even more improvements!


2 thoughts on “Fat Blast THURSDAY! [Week 3]

  1. Where did u find that cheESE? Also how did you like the asparagus? And lastly, you may very well have done 4 miles. When I was using the machines I was surprised how easy I progressed. Keep it up 🙂


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