Tough Girl FRIDAY! [Week 3]


My Friday activities didn’t exactly pan out as expected, but that’s okay. That’s what “tomorrow’s” are for!

I would also like to say that I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! It has been super cold and windy here in Las Cruces, so getting to stay snuggled up in my warm blankets for as long as I want sounds amazing.

But anyways, I digress….here is what my Friday looked like!



Nothing too exciting going on here. Friday Chemistry lab means no food on the go, so I heated up my usual Special K Breakfast Sandwich.

I’m not a morning person, so any meal that requires any length of preparation this early is a no-go for me. These take 2 minutes to heat up and zero amount of effort, which is why it is one of my regular meals.

Monday Breakfast


Much to my great pleasure, I got out of Chem lab early today! I should have stayed late with the instructor to work on some problems….but decided that getting my pay check sounded like a much more exciting way to spend my extra time.

After getting my moola and chatting it up with my all-time favorite co-worker about what terrible dancers we both are, I headed home to heat up left-overs from last nights Cheesy Chicken Skillet.

I really think next time I’m going to bake my chicken, it just isn’t as good over the stove-top. I also think I’m going to completely cut salt out of this recipe because that was all I could taste. I only ate half of my chicken, but am super proud of how great the asparagus turned out! I’m notorious for over-steaming my asparagus, but this time it was right on the money.



After finishing my lunch, I headed back to campus for the ever dreaded Genetics lecture. We are finally getting out of the molecular aspects though, and touching on topics I’m actually interested in so it wasn’t bad. I didn’t leave hating my life.

After lecture, I went to do some work for my GIS class (GIS stands for Geographic Information System…..which basically means to manipulate and analyze data to generate detailed maps….Google Maps is created using GIS systems).

Anyways, the current project I’m working on is super long and complicated, so I was in lab for three hours before calling it quits to head home. After spending that much time in front of the computer working with and tweaking data, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Fortunately, I didn’t have to!

I came home to a nearly finished meal cooked by my best friend, Deja. She made Stuffed Pasta Shells, but instead of using marinara added enchilada sauce and salsa. It was super yummy! I may try and find a healthier version of this to add to my regular recipe list!

And just so everyone knows, we used saucers and not full sized plates to eat on….so this isn’t a ginormous helping of pasta-stuffed joy. I had 5 shells, which filled me up. Even after several hours I felt full. So thanks Deja!



My normal plan for getting Friday’s workout in is to go right after class, which ends around 1:30 p.m. Because of my GIS project eating up my entire afternoon though, that didn’t happen.

I decided to give myself a nice lazy evening at home in my pjs. It’s freezing outside, so I’m going to be a hermit and binge watch Friends on Netflix all night.

I was supposed to go hiking in the morning, but it is going to be 30 degrees outside and windy so “F” that. I’m going to sleep in, then head to the gym in the afternoon where I will get a good cardio workout in followed by the resistance training session I had originally planned to complete today.

So this is my Friday. Kind of slacking a bit with the workouts, but I have full intentions of making up that deficit tomorrow!

Is anyone else hating this stupid cold front we’re experiencing here in New Mexico?? I get that its much much colder other places, but four days ago it was literally almost 80 degrees.

I live in New Mexico for a reason, and that reason is SUNSHINE AND WARMTH.

Anywho, like and follow this page! Or better yet…leave comments to let me know what you think!!


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