Sweat It Out SATURDAY! [Week 3]

I woke up in a wonderful mood this morning, probably due to the fact that I got to sleep in later than 6 o’clock in the freaking morning!

I originally woke up around 7, but forced myself to go back to sleep on the ONE day where I don’t have to get up with the sunrise. I woke up again around 10 and watched some Netflix before getting up to prepare for my daily activities.

Below you will find the meals I incorporated for today, along with a detailed description of my workout!



After a lovely morning of cuddling in my warm blankets, I got up to feed my growling belly. My options were pretty limited, so I decided to go with something simple: cinnamon toast.

What is normally such a simple breakfast turned out to be more complicated than expected, as my bread loaves are huge and didn’t want to fit in the toaster! I had to push them down, then got scared when the toast was done cooking they would get stuck and I’d have a burnt mess to clean up.

Fortunately that didn’t happen, so I buttered up each slice and sprinkled on my cinnamon. At this point I went to add a small amount of sugar on top, only to realize after months of sitting in my pantry the sugar had formed into on solid “brick” and needed to be broken up.

After making a giant mess and getting sugar all over the place, I FINALLY got to eat my breakfast. It has been ages since I’ve had cinnamon toast so it was quite satisfying.



This afternoon I was torn between eating leftovers from Deja’s yummy meal, or going out and picking something up. Today is my cheat day, and I am obsessed with Wing Stop boneless chicken wings, so that is what I decided to go with.

Plus, I felt bad eating all of Deja’s food.

I got my normal 6 piece combo with Louisiana Rub. And again, they gave me more than I ordered.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I move and can’t make bad food choices anymore.



The good thing about Wing Stop is I am full for a really long time after eating there. As a result of this, I didn’t feel hungry enough to eat dinner before going out with Deja for her final night in Las Cruces.

We started out at Dublin’s Street Pub, which actually use to be a favorite hang out for our gang of friends. Most Thursday’s we could be found there playing games and having a few drinks, so it was fitting that this is where we went first. A night at Dublins with Deja just wouldn’t be complete without some random creepy guys coming up to hit on us, so after that happened we felt content to head out and visit our next local: Graham’s Central Station.

For those of you unfamiliar with Graham’s, it is a country bar, hip hop bar, and Mexican bar all joined into one building. For quite some time, Deja worked here as a bar tender, so she wanted to stop by and say goodbye to some of her co-workers/friends. Graham’s is hit-or-miss with how exciting it will be, and tonight it was dead. We only stayed for about 20 minutes before venturing off to our next bar: Whiskey Dick’s.

This place just opened up a few months ago, and I have never been before. I was less than impressed. It was small and filled with a super weird assortment of people, all of which seemed to find it necessary to continuously run into me. Super annoying. We stayed here for the rest of our night before getting kicked out at closing time around 2 a.m. We visited with some friends outside for a bit before heading back home.

Once we got back to my place, we were starving and decided to eat the left-over pasta Deja made while watching scary movies.


She picked the Conjuring, then proceeded to fall asleep leaving me all alone to be creeped the F out. Thanks Deja. Thanks.


As promised in my Friday update, I made it to the gym to make up for being a lard ass yesterday.

I started in the cardio room where I ran a mile as my warm-up. I am making pretty good time on this machine! I don’t think I’d do that well on the running trail, but its a good starting point.

Saturday Gym

After doing some light cardio, I returned to the weight room to do my resistance training program:

Saturday Workout Schedule

Saturday Gym 2

After free weights, I did my mat workouts:

Saturday Workout Schedule 2

I had originally planned to do more cardio afterwards, but by this point I had been at the gym for 2 hours and was getting really tired. Hopefully next week’s weather is better so I can actually go hiking!

So this is what my Saturday consisted of! If you read my blog on a regular basis, let me know if you are trying any of the meals or workouts! I’d love to know how its going for you!


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