Fat Blast THURSDAY! [Week 4]

We all have those days where we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Well today, I did just that (literally….I sleep on the right side, but woke up on the left).

I was a grump all day long, which was only exacerbated by my random and unorganized meals. I need food at regular intervals throughout my day to remain calm and collected. I didn’t lash out at anyone, but man did I want to. Me being hangry + being surrounded by idiots = not a good day.

Here is a look into the unpleasantry that was my Thursday.



My apartment was freezing this morning, which for-warned me that it was freezing outside. I didn’t want to get up and be subjected to that torture, so I stayed in bed for as long as possible until I had no choice but to get up.

Because of this hesitance, I had very little time to get ready. I jumped in the shower to wash my hair (I have to do this daily, otherwise my hair is super gross) then put on powder and mascara. Going for the minimalist look today.

Once my “make-up” and hair were done, I had 2 minutes to find something to eat before getting dressed and leaving for my plants lab. I still had chia pudding left over and half an apple cut up, so I just dipped my apple slices into the pudding. Not exactly a filling breakfast, but it was better than nothing.


With how chaotic and unorganized my “breakfast” was, I’m sure you can imagine how planned out my lunch was.

If you said “not at all” you would be 100% correct. In my exhaustion the night before, I completely spaced on prepping up my lunch for today. That coupled with my morning cold aversion left me with nothing to bring with me to eat.

That left me with campus choices…which aren’t exactly screaming “healthy and appetizing” all within the same sentence. I am at work during the lunch hour, so I just walked to the nearest facility with food and grabbed a bean and cheese burrito from the Mexican bar. They have this amazing green chile cheese sauce that I normally get inside my burrito, but its so messy. Since I’m at work and don’t think they’d take to kindly to me getting cheese all over the place, I had them make me a smothered green chile and cheese burrito instead. I then topped this delicious creation with salsa and pic de gallo.

Definitely not healthy, so I’m contemplating using this as my cheat meal for the week.

Thursday Lunch


After leaving GIS class around 6 o’clock, I had plans to meet with my chemistry lab partners to study for our upcoming exam. They, however, decided to meet while I was in class so I was left to work on problems alone.

After a terrible day, and hardly any food in my house to make a decent meal, I had my third grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It’s just been one of those days, and I’m too tired to care.


I didn’t think I’d be getting my workout in today with all the studying I have to do. After the day I’ve had though, I needed an outlet for my frustrations so I decided to go jogging.

My run was amazing, the best jog I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s because I am so mad and frustrated, or because I found a really good playlist to jog to but I’m so proud of myself and my performance.

Normally, when I go on my runs I alternate between jogging and walking. I’m terrible at cardio, and get winded really easy. Tonight though, that wasn’t the case. I did a warm-up walk for about 2 minutes, then started jogging and just didn’t stop. My shoe came untied a couple times, so I had to stop to re-tie it…but other then that, I jogged the ENTIRE TIME! THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

3 miles in less than 40 minutes. Not great time, but better than it would have been had I alternated walking and jogging like normal. I wasn’t in pain, my lungs weren’t begging me to stop. It was amazing.

Me after my run, getting ready to do some stretches!

Thursday cardio

I did notice when I got home that my right knee was super swollen. It doesn’t hurt, thankfully. I sat down to do some stretches, but after seeing just how big it was I propped it up and have been alternating between hot and cold. I hope tomorrow it’s back to normal so I can do my resistance training routine. If it’s still swollen I’m gonna take it easy at the gym.

Can you tell the difference?


Other than my awesome run, this Thursday can go take its suck it and GO SUCK IT.

I hope your Thursday was happier and less stressful than mine.


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