Tough Girl FRIDAY!! [Week 4]

It’s Friday, which should be cause for celebration.

My negative Nancy attitude has unfortunately carried over from yesterday into today. Not without cause, these past few days have been extremely stressful and chaotic. I could really go for a vacation. Or a hug.



I really need to go grocery shopping. Like, really bad. I’m running low on everything. I had a simple yogurt for breakfast this morning, which I ate while doing my hair and make-up before lab.

No pic, I forgot.


When I said I really needed to go grocery shopping, I wasn’t kidding. The only “lunch-y” food items I have in my house right now are ramen noodles, or ingredients to make (can you guess) a grilled cheese.

So I made that and paired it with an apple.

Friday Lunch


I had chicken….of the Wing Stop variety. I only feel a little bit guilty.


Today’s workout was frustrating because I REALLY wanted to do my normal resistance routine and some cardio. My knee is still swollen and kind of bothering me though, so I thought it would be a bad idea to put too much strain on it.

So instead, I did some ab workouts on the mat then attempted some light cardio on the treadmill. After 8 minutes of walking I made it to half a mile, but my knee started hurting so I stopped. I’m going to be icing it all night and hope it gets better soon.

Stupid knee.

I meant to take a picture after walking the treadmill, but when I pushed “Stop” the stupid thing erased all my stats!

But here are the exercises I did on the mat:

Russian Twist — 30x — 3x

Toe Touches — 30x — 3x

Leg Pull Ups — 10x — 2x

Bicycle Crunches — 30x — 3x

Push Ups — 15x — 3x

Donkey Kicks — 20x — 3x

Fire Hydrant — 10x — 3x

I want to apologize for how negative my posts have been as of late. My course load is stressing me out so badly right now, that it’s hard to focus on eating right and sticking to a regular workout routine. I even had a melt down today when working with my chemistry instructor to prepare for our next exam (super embarrassing).

I keep telling myself that all this hard work and frustration will be worth it. So for now, I’m trying to take it one day at a time.


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