Relaxing SUNDAY!! [Week 4]

Normally today is my Rest Day but my meetup group had a hike scheduled that I really wanted to go on, so I did that instead! I am loving this warm weather! Goodbye winter, hello summer! Because let’s face it: New Mexico doesn’t do fall or spring…

It was a busy busy day, but I got a lot done and feel very accomplished. Here is what my Sunday consisted of:



I didn’t have to meet up with my fellow hikers until 9 AM, so I got to sleep in this morning which was nice. And thank goodness for smartphones, because I COMPLETELY forgot about the time change.

Anyways, after getting up and getting prepped for my adventure in the outdoors, I had a breakfast muffin on my way out the door. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.


After spending several hours wondering in the desert, I came home starving. With two exams tomorrow, I really needed something quick so I could head to the library and study.

Fortunately, there were still plenty of leftovers from last night’s meal, so I just heated that up and watched a quick episode of The New Girl on Netflix before heading off to cram my brain full of Chemistry and Genetics nonsense. I forgot, yet again, to take a picture. Sorry :/


After 8 hours of studying, my brain could not even fathom preparing an extravagant dinner. I am also highly against wasting yummy food, so I ate the last of Saturday night’s dinner. Such a good meal!

Sunday Dinner

Potatoes often get a bad reputation as being fatty, but it really just depends on how they’re prepared and how large your consumption is. Truthfully, they are very nutritious if done the right way…that means stop adding all that butter and don’t peel the skins!

I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but I’m going to try and start incorporating them more into my meals by switching on and off between red and sweet to try and get as much nutrient diversity as I can. In keeping with the “all things in moderation” principle, I think I will try to have 1 meal a week using potatoes.

If you’re interested in learning more about their health benefits, or finding some yummy recipes, check out this website:


Normally, I have Sunday designated as my Rest Day. One day of being a lard ass. Woohoo!

This week, however, there was a hike scheduled in one of the meetup groups I’m a member of that I really wanted to go on. So I did!

Located about 15-20 minutes outside of Las Cruces is this area many refer to as the “Dona Ana Arches.” I have never heard of them before this weekend, which is surprising. It wasn’t a long hike, but pretty high intensity with the elevation variances involved.

It was a beautiful sunny day, I’m so glad I decided to go!

Here are my stats and some pictures from my afternoon:

Steps — 9,936

Distance — 4.27 miles

Calories — 312

Some of the rock formations at the start of our hike…see the “Elephant Arch” up towards the top on the right?



Climbing up through the first arch.


A beautiful view of the Las Cruces area once we made it to the top.


One of my best friends, Renee, and I up at the top.


The bat caves at “The Nose.” No bats flying around, as they’re still down in Mexico. There were lots of little cave swallows, which were not happy about us being there.


Exploring the entrance into the bat caves.


So this was my Sunday. Like I said, very busy but very productive. And I just cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that the weather is finally warming up!

If you’re in the Las Cruces area, send me a message or comment if you want to go hiking. I try to go every weekend, and the more the merrier!


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