Cardio Crusher TUESDAY!! [Week 5]

Hey guys! Here is the Tuesday update for Week 5. I still haven’t had time to sit down and plan out my meals for the rest of the week, so I’ve had to basically just throw ingredients together from whatever is here at my house.

I’m keeping up with my workouts though, which is great!

Here is what my Tuesday looked like:



I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of having breakfast smoothies in the morning packed with fruits and veggies. I’ve tried making them before in the past, but I have yet to make one that I actually enjoy drinking. The smoothie I made this morning was no different.

I hated everything about it, from the texture to the taste. Despite it being horrible, I drank the entire thing anyways.

Included in today’s smoothie:

–  1 cup coconut milk, unsweetened

– 1 cup mixture of blueberries and blackberries

– 1/2 frozen banana

– 1 handful baby spinach

– 2 Tbsp. chia seeds

Tuesday Breakfast

Tuesday Breakfast 2

This probably would have been more tolerable if I hadn’t used banana. I really really hate bananas, but I’m trying to eat them more because they really are just so good for you.

I clearly need help in the smoothie department, so pleas PLEASE send me healthy smoothie recipes you use that are actually enjoyable to consume.


This morning my schedule was a bit different then normal because I changed my hours around at work. I had extra time this morning that I wasn’t used to having, so it threw my entire routine off track. One consequence of this change is that I was so scatter brained, that I completely forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter before heading off to work.

I was super upset about this because that meant an entire 6 hours would go by before I could eat, and that disgusting breakfast smoothie did NOT fill me up.

Fortunately, my co-workers are amazing. Before leaving to head to class, someone brought me their left-over veggie wrap from their lunch. I’m not sure where she got it from, but it was AMAZING. From what I could tell, the wrap had tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and spinach with some sort of chipotle ranch dressing. I’m not normally a fan of tomatoes, but I couldn’t taste them mixed with all these other flavors. Or I was just really freaking hungry.

Either way, I had food. And healthy food at that. So I was happy. I ate it in the car whilst driving to the other side of campus for class.

Tuesday Lunch


Dinners are always difficult for me, because I never know how much time I will have. Plus, I haven’t gone grocery shopping since I haven’t had a chance to sit down and plan my meals. So this evening, I just came home and threw together whatever I had lying around the house.

First, I started boiling some water to cook 1/2 cup of whole-wheat pasta.

While that was going, I put a nice spoon-full of organic virgin coconut oil in a pan to heat. I’ve never cooked with coconut oil before, so I was jumping into unknown territory with this one.

Once the coconut oil was heated I threw in a good handful of shrimp, bell pepper (red, green, and yellow), and onions to saute.

Tuesday Dinner 1

Tuesday Dinner 2

Once the liquid was completely absorbed, I added some green chile for a little extra spice and flavor.

By this point, the noodles were done so I drained them and added a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. I added the shrimp-veggie mixture and topped with some Parmesan cheese.

Tuesday Dinner 3

The flavor was relatively mild, but pretty darn good considering I had no idea what I was doing.


Cardio Crusher Tuesday is all about getting moving to rev up that metabolism! Today I got two activities in.

First, I got in a nice morning jog. I had just woken up then went out the door, so my body wasn’t warmed up yet and as a result my timing and distance suffered a bit. Here are my stats:

– 3,733 Steps

– 2.03 Miles

– 176 Calories

– Close to 25 minutes

After my run. Don’t mind the red face and no-makeup.

Tuesday Morning run

After my run, I got ready for the rest of my day and went to work and then class. I got out of lab around 5 then went straight up to A Mountain to meet a few members from my hiking group. With Daylight Savings back in effect, we have more sunlight in the evening. More sunlight means more opportunity to get some hikes in! It is likely every Tuesday, I will be doing these evening hikes with them. Here are my stats:

– 6,399 Steps

– 2.93 Miles

– 204 Calories

Here is a view of the cityscape from the top:

Tuesday Hike 1

And a view of the Organs 🙂

Tuesday Hike 2

These statistics only include the output from these two events. I didn’t wear my pedometer all day, so I’m not sure what my complete daily totals are. Still though, this is good progress in comparison to previous weeks.


5 thoughts on “Cardio Crusher TUESDAY!! [Week 5]

  1. Probably because you used the nasty milk lol JK but try making green tea and leave it in your fridge and use it as the liquid. I wouldn’t use banana either. Strawberry or apple are great sweeteners.
    How did the coconut oil taste?
    Also garlic would have been a great additive or Cajun spice to the pasta. Try adding onion to the pan too.
    Lol rant over


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