Lean Machine WEDNESDAY! [Week 5]

 Today was an off day for me. Not bad, just off. I got my Chemistry grade back, which wasn’t good and I woke up extremely tired so it was difficult to participate in real life.

Despite that, I did my best to stay on track. Here is what my Wednesday looked like:



Today was my second attempt at making a breakfast smoothie. It was better than yesterday, but still not something I want to drink on a regular basis. Eventually I hope to have this shake thing figured out.



1 cup blackberries/blueberries

3 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

1 Tbsp. pure raw honey

Tuesday Breakfast

I made 1 slice of cinnamon toast as well, just so I could actually enjoy some part of my breakfast.

Tuesday Breakfast 2


I did a horrible job planning my meals for the week (I didn’t do it at all) so my options were pretty limited for lunch this afternoon. I was able to go home in between class and work so I just went with something simple: Lean Cuisine.

I want to try and use freezer meals as little as possible, but there are just some days where its the only option you have.

Tuesday Lunch


I really messed up with my dinner choice. I was so tired after a long busy day, and didn’t have much at the house to prepare a meal. So I gave in to the temptation and ordered Wing Stop.

I justify this choice with the fact that in 2 months I will be moving to a place where Wing Stop doesn’t exist, so I need to relish in the glory that is their boneless chicken wings while I can.

I only felt a little guilty about it. And then the moment was over.


I was able to get my resistance training in, but failed to do cardio. I was just so tired, I couldn’t talk myself into going running after dinner 😦

I also got hit on at the gym today. I really need to get my ring back from being re-sized at the jewelers. I don’t know how believable “I’m engaged” is when you don’t have a ring to shove in their face as evidence.

Here is my resistance training routine for the day:

Free Weights:

Hammer Curls — 20 sets — 3 reps — 10 lbs.

Squats — 15 sets — 3 reps — 20 lbs.

Single Arm Row — 10 sets — 3 reps — 10 lbs.

Triceps Extensions — 10 sets — 3 reps — 10 lbs.

Side Lunges — 20 sets — 3 reps — 10 lbs.

Good Mornings — 15 sets — 3 reps — 20 lbs.

Side Crunch — 20 sets — 2 reps — 20 lbs.

Plie Squat — 10 sets — 3 reps — 20 lbs.

Chest Press — 10 sets — 3 reps –20 lbs.

Mat Exercises:

Russian Twists — 30 sets — 3 reps — 10 lbs

Toe Touches — 20 sets — 3 reps

Side Crunches — 10 sets — 2 reps

Alternating Bridge — 10 sets — 3 reps

Back Extensions — 15 sets — 2 reps

Donkey Kicks — 20 sets — 3 reps


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